Please read these Terms of Service carefully before

 using the SteamAccounts website. 

SteamAccounts is a site which provides different steam accounts :
- Counter Strike : Global Offensive ranked accounts -
- Clean Trade-Enabled Steam accounts with mobile authenticator - 
- Playerunknown's Battleground steam accounts - 
The buying and selling of Steam account is against Steam Terms Of Service. You accept the full
 risk of purchasing an account. You have to change password right after purchasing.
If Steam limits or in anyway revokes your account, SteamAccounts.org 
will only replace or refund the account if you are within the 15 day warranty period.
After 14 days period we will not refund or replace any accounts you purchased due to Steam intervention.
SteamAccounts.org is not affiliated with Valve Corp!
Playing a competitive matchmaking game on an account constitutes full 
acceptance of the account as it was received. 
If your account arrived at a different rank then what you purchased, please 
contact us before playing any competitive matchmaking games on it.
You can send us an email or write at live chat. 
 We will refund the difference or replace the account. If you have played any competitive
 games we cannot help you with the rank difference at all.
You get google drive link instantly after you purchased an account. Go directly this link
 and download a folder with all details of your account.
If you didnt get a .txt file with Google Drive link, please contact us. You have to show us 
email you've used while purchasing so we can check if we had payment from you. 
After this if there were any error, we will manually give you Google Drive Link.
You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery 
of your items resulting from charges imposed by your relationship with payment services 
providers or the duties and taxes imposed by your local customs officials or other regulatory body.
All products are virtual game’s accounts. Therefore, there is no shipping costs or taxes on the website.
We shall not issue refunds for ranked accounts in the following condition: 
1. Any account purchased from us and VAC banned due to cheats or any other
 illegal activity use by end user will not be entertained by SteamAccounts.org. 
2. SteamAccoutns.org will not be responsible for the accounts sell by the end user to any other person. 
3. Any individual try to scam or cheat with SteamAccounts.org  will be banned from 
our services and earlier accounts purchase from us will be confiscated.
 We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our accounts. 
4. Any account purchased from us and the rank got expired or lost it wins within the 
next 7 days after purchasing will not be entertained by SteamAccounts.org.
Enjoy the shopping at SteamAccounts.org!