How to buy steam accounts?

Choose an account you like and click "Buy" button. 


• Do you use cheats to boost CS:GO accounts?

No! We dont like cheaters and cheating at all. We dont want our customers to get banned. 
Thats why we dont use any type of soft to boost our accounts 

• Am I buying account forever?

 Yes! After buying an account you being an owner of this account!


• How will I get account details?

You will get a text file  with google drive link. Open this link and download files of your accounts


• What details will I get?

 You get:
Steam username
Steam password
Mail username
Mail password
(with trade-enabled account you also get SDA files : 2xSSFN files ; Mafile ; Manifest.json)  


•What all details can I change after buying an account?

You can change any details you want 


•What payment methods I can use?

You can pay via : 
Bitcoin Cash
Perfect Money
CS:GO Skins


How can I pay via Webmoney/Skrill or CSGOSkins? 

If you want to pay with Webmoney/Skrill or CSGOSkins, please add us on Skype. 
Give us a link to account which you want to buy with Webmoney/Skrill or CSGOSkins


•What should I do after purchasing an account?

1.Check if everything is okay with your account
2.Change an email to another one if you want
3.Change steam password if you want.


•I cant find an account I want to purchase. What should I do?

If you have special requirements or the account is out of stock then please contact us on our customer support.


•I have issues with my account.

Please contact us on our live support or write us at steamaccshop@gmail.com