About Us

We are brand new website specialized on making, boosting and selling steam accounts.

Our policy is simple, we are ones who make only high quality products. Buying our products you will be satisfied 100%.

We have a big expereince in trading and selling digital products :

○ CS:GO Skins

○ Steam Gifts ( when they were available )

○ Steam Accounts

There are a lot of similar projects like this one, but we saw lot of negative feedbacks about these projects.

Also they are all similar to each other. We're trying to create different from others website and we really hope

that you will enjoy it.

Ofcourse we going to expand our field of activity. 

YOU can take a part in this process. Use Contact Us form to share your ideas about improving this website with us!

We are opened for our partners so they can easy contact us and tell us about their partnership offers.

Sharing our project with your friends thats how you will help us to improve it.

SteamAccounts.org Team